Monday 28 November 2011

Numb: End Papers and Lines for Final Page

Did quick tests for possible end papers for the comic. Not sure this is what i will go for but it's a rough idea....Also i inked the last page.

I am also considering getting a reliable source to translate it into french for time for the Angouleme comic festival in january i will be going to. Since there aren't many words i think it could be done and work well. I am very cautious however, of things getting lost in translation...would have to be very very sure on exact meanings of words.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Numb Comic Front Cover Test

A quick test as an idea for what the comic front cover should look like...

HOW: Previous Example

A short 14 page comic i did last year that's now back from the printers! It's a good example of the kind of things i want to produce at the end of this year. In the length, the style to a degree and the idea of using my own characters in story i made up.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Numb Comic WIP p1

I've started work on a 3 page comic as a bit of a test in many ways.
Trying out a new way of colouring. Also using unsual colours and having a limited number of them.
Not sure what i think of it yet....

It's also not finished...just an example.

Friday 11 November 2011

Tired Eyes: the comic

Messing with front cover designs.
I really like how brush pen lines look when blown up bigger.

Sketchbook Pro Test

Tested Sketchbook pro yesterday. I think it's going to be good for doing small colour sample ideas and roughs for things like storyboarding....

Off to ComicaComiket in London tomorrow at 5:30am!