Monday 6 February 2012

4AM is on....

My main project 4AM is now properly under way. I story boarded this as an animation during the summer but over the last few weeks i've been trying to turn that story board into a narrative comic one instead and then do page page layouts from it. It's proven really difficult to translate the two mediums so that they read the same.
I still am not totally happy with it, but only because there is a lot of pressure for it to be good! I've never attempted something like this before as it's going to be about 40 pages.
Really not sure if i'm going to get it done in time! But there is no way i want to rush it either. So we shall see.
One thing that is bothering me is how to colour it. I thought i knew but i'm not happy with the results. I planned to colour it loosely in ink on separate layers to the line art but now i'm not sure. I don't want to computer colour it. Feels like a cop out and not how i like to work. The whole point of this was to find a way to use how i draw/paint as a comic.
The image above is just a mess around. The image is from the story, but the colouring is not how it's gonna be. Just trying something as a kinda promo...

I've given myself 6 weeks to do all the artwork before i then need a week to arrange it ready for print. Then leaving 3 weeks to print.
I think this all might be a very stupid idea.

Thursday 2 February 2012