Tuesday 20 March 2012

3:59AM/Tired Eyes

So i'm not taking the completed 4AM to the london book fair. It's been decided.
It's getting fairly obvious that it's not going to be done in time to a standard i'll be happy with to send to print.
It's okay though i think a promo piece will be just as good as i'm not going to sell the comic to punters i'm pitching myself and my work/ideas. Which i can do with just a snippet...hopefully anyway.

The promo piece is going to be a flip over book. With no back cover, just two fronts that you flip over to read the other half. The one half is going to be a few pages of portfolio work and the other a few preview pages from 4AM. Cleverly going to be called 3:59AM (thanks to Joe for the title :D). The portfolio side is called Tired Eyes (after this blog) and there will be a double spread in the middle explaining about 4AM and about me as an illustrator.

So it's on with that for a while. Time to break out InDesign again. Ouch.

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